How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

By Date posted: Last updated: January 25, 2023
wisdom tooth extraction cost

The removal of wisdom teeth is a common surgery that needs to be undertaken by many at some point in their lives. These can cause a wide range of oral health issues on several occasions.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Reasons

Some of the causes for wisdom teeth removal include:

  • Partial eruption of teeth. When this happens there are high chances of bacteria entering the opening of the tooth, giving way to infection, and accompanying pain & swelling.
  • When the eruption is not aligned. In such cases the gums are pinched and can lead to swelling & pain.
  • When they erupt at an angle. In such a situation the other teeth can be impacted, leading to multiple issues.

Often, it is advised to remove the wisdom teeth when they first erupt as the bone and the root are not fully developed and removal is an easier process. On the other hand, removing the wisdom tooth years later can make the extraction process more complicated and hence wisdom tooth extraction cost become more expensive. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: SIGNS YOU NEED WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION

Factor associated with cost of wisdom tooth extraction

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction depends on a wide range of factors. These include:

1. The condition of your teeth

Needless to mention that if the tooth is impacted it will need more time, resources, skill & hence a higher cost.

2. Type of anesthesia required

Typically, local anesthesia is given. However, if you have multiple impacted wisdom teeth, general anesthesia may be preferred. This has an implication for the cost.

3. Age of the patient

Typically, wisdom tooth removal costs more when you are older as older adults have dense bones making surgery more difficult.

4. Potential complications

Some of the complications that cost extra include:

A. Operculectomy

This involves the dentist removing a bit of the gum tissue if the wisdom tooth is buried underneath the gum and the bone.

B. Dry socket

This occurs when a blood clot formed in the socket during surgery dislodges.

Approximate wisdom tooth extraction cost

Cost of wisdom teeth removal can range from $75 to $250 per tooth. Typical cost of impacted wisdom teeth extraction can range from $250 to $600 per tooth. The actual price depends upon the complication involved. Also, in case you are advised to extract all 4 wisdom teeth, the cost may range between $1200 – $3000.

Some of the aspects to remember when it comes to the cost of teeth extraction include:

  • The cost is based on how complex the procedure is.
  • Dental insurance typically helps pay partly for extraction of wisdom teeth. You can check your individual policy.
  • The cost of IV sedation may be additional.
  • Some of the other additional costs include that of:
    • Digital X-Ray
    • Aftercare

Cost of wisdom tooth extraction with sedation

If general anesthesia is required to be given, the cost can vary between $1100 – $2000. If you are having all four wisdom teeth extracted under general anesthesia, you may be required to pay between $2400 to $4000.

How to pay for wisdom tooth extraction?

Some of the ways in which you can pay for wisdom teeth extraction include:

1. Use of insurance

Different providers provide different policies, so it is best to check yours. In most cases, the insurance covers a part of the bill while you need to pay partly. Suppose your insurance policy has 100/80/50 terms it needs to be read as the insurance will pay for 100% of preventive care, 80% of basic procedures & 50% of major procedures. Some policies cover extraction if non-extraction can lead to permanent damage. It is important to note that most dental insurance plans also have a maximum amount.

Talk to your insurer and ensure you are equipped with the relevant information. Professional dentists may also be able to help check your entitlements as also help you file the claim.

2. Government Programs

While government dental programs cannot pay for dental procedures, it can pay for emergency hospital care in case there is a dental emergency.

3. Flexible spending amounts

Flexible Spending Amounts or FSA as they are popularly referred to, is a certain amount of pretax money deducted from your salary that can be used for healthcare.

Pro tip- Do remember that FSA cannot be banked so you will need to use it before the end of the year.

4. Health Savings Accounts

This is a government-regulated savings account. Again, it helps you set aside a certain income (pretax) to cover healthcare costs. The major differences between HAS & FSA are that while funds in HAS roll over, the funds in FSA do not. Also, for HAS, you will be required to have a high-deductible insurance premium.

5. In-house Payment Plans

Sometimes dentists may also offer monthly payment plans. These can make sure that you do not have to make the payment at one go, making the treatment affordable.

Is extracting wisdom teeth really important?

If you are deterred by the cost and are wondering if it is necessary to extract wisdom teeth, the answer to that is yes, if you have been so advised by a dental professional. If you ignore early signs you may end up with a lot more complications and even more expensive treatment later. This is because if your wisdom teeth are impacted, they do not get better over time. Delay can therefore only exacerbate the problem.

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