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dental dentures

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Dental Dentures

Natural teeth can often be lost on account of several causes- be it gum disease, tooth decay, injury or more. The loss of teeth however comes with several disadvantages. You may find it difficult to eat and speak; besides loss of teeth can also cause the facial muscles to sag.

If you are facing issues on account of missing teeth, help is at hand. With dental dentures that can replace your missing teeth, it is easy to restore your smile. Importantly, the dentures can be made to closely resemble the missing teeth, so they hugely benefit your appearance.

Types of Dental Dentures

With denture technology having advanced, there is a wide range of natural looking dental dentures that are both comfortable as well as that look good. Broadly there are the following types of dentures:

1. Full dentures

As the name suggests, these are replacements for the complete set of teeth. Fitted into an acrylic base they consist of both upper and lower sets. They rest on the gum tissue and the suction keeps them in place.

2. Partial dentures

These are meant to fill up the gap created by missing teeth. It is easy to unclip & remove them when needed. They typically have a clasp that attaches to your natural teeth.

3. Cantilever or Partial Fixed Dentures

Cantilever dental denture works well when a tooth is missing & the gap needs to be filled. The artificial tooth then takes the help of the adjacent teeth to stay in place.

4. Implant supported dentures

With the help of implants, the denture is secured in your mouth. Once an implant is placed in the jawbone it is allowed for healing and then the permanent denture is fabricated by taking impressions of your mouth. The denture is then created which fits the implant.

Advantages of Implant Dentures

  • It ensures there is no loss of bone once teeth are lost.
  • The denture is secure in the mouth.
  • The dentures are removable.
  • They look like natural teeth.

5. Immediate dentures

These are pre-designed dentures that can be placed in your mouth soon after the extraction of the teeth. The advantage with them is that they can be refitted to suit the changes in the mouth once healing takes place.

While the dentures differ from each other in two major ways namely the purpose and the way they are fitted in your mouth, depending on your exact condition & preferences, our professional dentist will be in the best position to recommend what works for you.

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Gift yourself your old smile! Our experienced dentists are not only skilled at offering you the right dental dentures, but they also offer a safe and compassionate environment that makes you feel so much at ease.

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Dental Dentures FAQs

1. I need dentures. Will your dentists be able to guide which ones will work well for me?

Absolutely. When you see our prosthodontists, they will evaluate your situation & preferences, and guide you on what will work best. Rest assured that they are skilled enough to handle even the most complex cases.

2. What about the cost of dental dentures?

The cost really varies based on several factors depending on the complexity of the treatment, the kind of dentures advised and more. Once the prosthodontist has evaluated your teeth, they will let you know the exact cost.

3. Are dental dentures covered by insurance?

In most cases the plan covers 50% of the cost of dentures while you may need to pay for deductibles & copays. Do check your individual dental insurance policy to know more.

4. How do I care for my dentures?

Essentially you need to brush your dentures with a soft toothbrush and denture paste. It is not advised to use normal toothpaste. Do not bleach the dentures unless advised by the prosthodontist. In case you notice any cracks in your dentures, ensure that you take them to the prosthodontist who can then repair them professionally.

5. Can I sleep with my dentures?

It is preferable that the dentures be removed at night so that your gums & bone can relax. Remember to clean the dentures at night & store them in water.

6. Can I eat normally with dentures?

It will take you a little time to get used to your dentures, and you will get comfortable with eating normally. There, however, will be some things that you need to avoid - chewing gum for example.

7. Is wearing dentures painful?

When the dentures are first fitted, you can expect minor irritation. However you will soon get accustomed to them.

8. How do you know when it is time to reline dental dentures?

If the dentures do not fit as well as they did in the past, refitting of the base of the denture may need to be undertaken. This is called a reline. This procedure can be undertaken by your prosthodontist.

9. Can I have dental dentures put in the same day as teeth removal?

Yes, this can be done with immediate dentures. Your prosthodontist will be able to advise you if they are the right solution for you.

10. Is it possible to match my partial denture to my remaining natural teeth?

Yes. Your prosthodontist will work towards matching the color of your partial denture to the natural color of your teeth.

11. I have not had teeth for a long time. Can I still get dentures?

With the loss of teeth, the bone that held them shrinks over time. If you have not had teeth for a long time, the prosthodontist will need to evaluate your condition to see the bone level that is available. He will accordingly recommend the suitability of dentures.

12. How can I reach you for a dental denture procedure?

You can call us at 925-846-449 and our customer support team will immediately help to schedule your appointment.

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