Tooth-Colored Fillings

No better way to keep your teeth looking natural!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

A tooth-colored filling is among the most common restorative work that you may need on your teeth. Dental fillings become imperative when you suffer from tooth decay and cavities. When it comes to the choice of fillings you can choose from amalgam, composite, and glass ionomers.

Of these, composite fillings are the most popular. The filling material in this case is a mix of quartz and resin.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

The big advantage it offers is that the filling material is tooth colored, keeping your teeth looking natural. Other advantages of this filling material include:

  • Strength.
  • Durability.
  • Adherence to the surface of the tooth.
  • As opposed to the chunky amalgam fillings of the past, this filling is far handier and can be shaped easily.

Signs You Need to Get a Dental Filling

Some of the signs that you need a dental filling include:

tooth filling for bleeding gum
Bleeding of gums
This shows up in a wide variety of causes that have to do with gum disease. Bleeding of gums may be a sign of tooth decay, gingivitis or a host of other gum and tooth diseases.
filling for tooth sensitivity
Toothache & sensitivity
Pain or sensitivity that is experienced when you eat or drink something hot or cold can be a sign of tooth decay.
bad breath and tooth filling

Bad breath

Sometimes bad breath can be on account of tooth decay and cavities that may require a tooth filling procedure. In fact, the larger the cavity in the tooth the greater the chances of food particles being trapped in it, leading to tooth decay & bad breath. It is recommended that cavities in the tooth be addressed early as overtime they can increase and affect the inner layer of the tooth.

If you already have filling in your teeth, you also need to watch out for signs that the filling needs replacement. Some of these signs include:

  • Tooth sensitivity.
  • Toothache.
  • Pressure on tooth.
  • Feeling that your filling is loose. Continuing to chew with a damaged filling can result in cracking of the tooth. Seeing a dentist as soon as you notice damage to a cavity filling is important to avoid irritation and infection of the tooth.

It is advisable though, not wait to experience these symptoms but to adhere to regular dental appointments where any issues can be caught early before they cause any damage.

How long do composite dental fillings usually last?

When it comes to composite dental fillings, you can expect them to last between 5-10 years. The durability has a lot to do with the oral hygiene practices that you follow. Some of the best practices to follow include:

  • Good oral hygiene habits including brushing & flossing.
  • Following a healthy diet.
  • Avoiding chewing on hard substances.
  • Being careful if you play sports as being hit in the mouth can cause damage to the filling.

The duration for which the dental filling lasts, also depends upon which tooth the filling is in. A tooth that is subject to greater stress on chewing is likely to see the filling wearing out faster.

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With years of experience in dentistry we offer you a hassle-free experience with your dental fillings. Our composite tooth-colored fillings will ensure that your tooth looks good and is kept healthy. Known for our professional as well as compassionate services, we are the go-to option when it comes to the highest quality dental care.

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Tooth-Colored Filling FAQs

1. Why do you need a tooth filling?

When food particles or plaque remain on your teeth, bacteria begin to accumulate. Acids released by the bacteria can dissolve the enamel. If the decay continues a portion of the tooth chips away & forms a cavity. This needs to be addressed through dental fillings.

2. What are some of the signs of tooth decay?

Some of the signs include:

  • Dark spots on your teeth.
  • Chipped off areas in the teeth.
  • Holes where food gets stuck.
3. How can tooth decay be prevented?

Regular brushing and flossing of teeth are key. Using a fluoride-based toothpaste is also recommended.

4. How does a dentist choose a filling?

At one time silver amalgam was a popular tooth filling material. However, now plastic composite is widely used. A big advantage it offers is that it is a tooth-colored material that adds to the natural look of the teeth.

5. How long does tooth-colored fillings last?

Composite tooth filling can last between 5-10 years. A lot also depends upon the kind of care you take of your teeth.

6. What should I expect after a tooth color filling?

When composite is used for tooth filling, you are typically allowed to eat immediately afterwards with no added precautions.

7. Does the tooth-colored filling process hurt?

No typically the process does not cause much discomfort. Any sensitivity that you may feel in the tooth subsides within 48 hours.

8. What are the advantages of tooth-colored fillings?

The most obvious advantage of tooth colored composite fillings is that they offer a natural look. Even if they are placed on the front teeth, they are often undistinguishable from the natural teeth. The added advantage of these, include the bond easily with the natural tooth structure offering it support.

9. Will my dental plan cover the cost of composite dental filling?

It is common for dental plans to cover the cost of fillings up to the price of silver components. Every plan is different though, so it is best to check individually.

10. What is an indirect dental filling?

An indirect filling is specially designed for tooth that are extensively damaged and that cannot handle a regular filling.

11. How do I take care of my dental fillings?

Taking care of fillings is easy. Just ensure you follow your regular dental care routine including brushing & flossing your teeth. In addition, do not miss your regular dental check ups. Over time, when your fillings degrade you may experience pain & sensitivity. Do visit your dentist without any delay. The viable course would be to remove the old filling and replace it with new one.

12. How can I reach you for a tooth-colored filling procedure?

You can simply fill this schedule an appointment form or call us at (925)-846-4491 and our customer support team will immediately help to schedule your appointment.

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