What is the cost of a dental crown with and without insurance?

By Date posted: Last updated: December 5, 2022
cost of dental crown

A dental crown is commonly known as a dental cap, and it is basically required after a root canal treatment to strengthen the root canal-treated tooth. However, it is also useful in various esthetic dental procedures, for example, closing the gaps between teeth, minor crooked teeth, smile designing, etc. Therefore, a dental crown or cap is used for medical and cosmetic purposes, which is considered the main factor in deciding whether the insurance should cover the dental crown or not.

Do all dental crowns have insurance coverage?

No, not every crown comes under insurance coverage. Dental insurance does cover the crowns, but it is based on the procedure and need of the crown. As mentioned earlier, dental crowns can be done to enhance your smile or for some medical reasons. Insurance will not cover your crown if it is done for cosmetic dental procedures. On the other hand, the insurance company will cover the cost of a crown if it is necessary for a medical reason, such as:

  • Providing strength to a weak tooth.
  • Strengthening a tooth that has been fractured or cracked and requires a cap to provide support and restore its function.
  • A large cavity or decayed tooth, where the filling cannot fulfill the purpose.


What are the different types of crowns and how much do they cost?

The cost of the crown is determined by its type. Based on the material used, dental crowns are categorized into three types. These are classified as follows.

  • Metal crowns or gold crowns.
  • Porcelain-infused metal crowns or ceramic-infused crowns.
  • All-porcelain crowns or all-ceramic crowns.


Among all these crowns, porcelain-infused metal crowns are the most commonly used. However, all three of them have their own advantage, and the dentist will determine which type of crown will be appropriate for a particular condition. In general, all-porcelain crowns are more expensive than other crowns. 

Typically, a dental crown may cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 or even more than this. This range is determined by a number of factors, including whether you have insurance, what all it covers, the costs your dentist charges for dental work, and the number of additional treatments are required to finish your treatment. Apart from this, the city and location where you are getting your treatment done may also affect the cost of the crown. 

Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are made of a single layer of metal and are preferred when there is very little space available for tooth crowning. However, due to the fact that they do not match tooth color and do not look aesthetically pleasing, they are rarely used today. The metal crowns will cost around $600 to $2,500 per crown.

Porcelain-Infused Metal Crowns/Ceramic-Infused Metal Crowns

These crowns are made up of two materials, metal, and porcelain. The inside layer is made up of metal and the outside is made up of porcelain which is white in color. Sometimes, this type of crown is also called PFM (porcelain fused to metal). The average cost of this crown is roughly around $500 to $1500 per tooth.

All Porcelain Crowns or All Ceramic Crowns

These crowns are the most expensive among all the crowns. They are entirely made up of porcelain/ceramic and give an excellent esthetic appearance. When appearance is your first priority, such as for front teeth, all ceramic crowns are the greatest option. 

In addition to esthetic advantages, they are incredibly strong. They will cost around $800 to $3000 per tooth. An example of this type of crown is a zirconia crown. 

Cost of a dental crown with and without insurance

What is the cost of crowns without insurance?

The average cost of metal, PFM, and all-porcelain crowns without insurance are discussed below.    

1. Metal Crowns

The average cost of the metal crown without insurance ranges from $830 to $2465 per tooth with an average price of $1353.

2. Porcelain-Infused Metal Crowns

If you do not have insurance, PFM crowns will cost around $875 to $1400 per tooth with an average price of $1093.

3. All-Porcelain Crowns

These crowns will cost you around $860 to $3000 per tooth with an average price of $1430.


What is the cost of crowns with insurance?

Usually, the insurance covers 50% of the crown cost. With insurance, you will have to pay less for the crown. The cost of the different crowns is discussed below.

1. Metal Crowns

If you have insurance, you will have to spend around $519 to $1140 with an average price of $882.

2. Porcelain-Infused Metal Crowns

These crowns will cost you around $282 to $1000 with an average cost of $618.

3. All-Porcelain Crowns

With insurance, these crowns will cost you roughly around $530 to $1875 with an average price of $953.

Dental Crown Cost California

Following are the cost of dental crown in California:

Type of crown Cost with insurance Cost without insurance
Metal Crowns Approx. $900 Approx. $800-$1500
Porcelain-Infused Metal Crowns Approx. $700 Approx. $900-$1500
All-Porcelain Crowns Approx. $900 Approx. $800-$3000

What additional steps and costs are associated with the crown?

Before placing the crown, the dentist will do a thorough dental examination which may include dental x-rays. If the x-ray shows the need for a root canal treatment, you will be charged for the same. In addition, a missing tooth can be replaced by a crown and bridge which requires tooth preparation and impression materials for the fabrication of the bridge. Apart from this, if a tooth is extremely weak and lacks tooth structure an additional procedure is required which is called post and core. This treatment is done before placing the crown. All these procedures will be charged separately. As a result, the final cost of your treatment following the placement of a crown will vary depending on the further treatments required to ensure the tooth’s functionality.


To conclude, having dental insurance will definitely benefit you and prevent you from spending extra money from your pocket. Generally, insurance companies give all the details regarding which dental procedure is covered and which is not. Additionally, they provide the list of dentists or dental offices which are approved for claiming insurance. Some dental crowns come with a warranty. If a dental crown breaks while it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be eligible to receive a replacement crown.

We also accept well-known dental insurances to make your smile beautiful. You can contact us at office@dentaloasispleasanton.com to know more about insurance and dental crown cost. Although dental crowns may appear costly, the strength and longevity they give a weak tooth makes them worth the cost.