Brighten your teeth with professional teeth whitening!

By Date posted: Last updated: September 20, 2022

A smile is one of the greatest assets of a person’s personality. And what makes it the best are your teeth. A bright and winning smile can make you go a long way in your life. However, you need to take care of your teeth to maintain the beauty of your smile.

To do so, the best way is to get periodic teeth whitening from a professional. Many people are already leveraging this procedure to enhance their smiles. On the contrary, some take the less travelled road and go for teeth whitening at home.

However, whitening the teeth without professional supervision and guidance can often create a greater risk of tooth and gum damage. You may not be aware of the strength of the products and how many optimum proportions are to be used together. This is the reason why a tooth whitening at home is frowned upon.

In case you are wondering why you would spend money on professional teeth whitening, we have got all the answers for you. Read on.

Safety is a priority

When you choose professional teeth whitening, everything is handled by an expert who is well-versed in which whitening products should be used for you based on your dental health conditions. It is taken with immense care when the patients complain about damaged tooth enamel or tooth sensitivity to begin with. In many cases, the patients are unaware of their current dental health conditions, which also get a check while visiting for professional teeth whitening.

Moreover, if a person with no prior tooth problems tries teeth whitening at home, they may end up over-whitening, which can weaken the teeth enamel. It is because the professionals apply an adequate protective layer to your teeth, which you may be unaware of and may cause pain when your teeth come into contact with anything cold or hot.

Quick results

A power whitening of your teeth will delight you with a newly whitened smile. In this treatment, your teeth will be painted with a subtle strength whitening gel while protecting your gums and lips on the side. The whitening gel is activated with a special light. It lets the gel penetrate into your tooth enamel so that it can eliminate any deep-seated stains and you can get crystal clear teeth instantly.

Even though this treatment will require several appointments, you will notice a difference in the appearance of your teeth after just one appointment.

Protecting dental health

When you schedule a series of sessions with your dentist for professional teeth whitening, this provides them the opportunity to perform a brief dental examination. Your dentist examines your teeth and gums. It is done to look for any indications of tooth decay or gum disease that could eventually cause more severe dental problems.

Your oral health could suffer greatly, and it might even make the teeth-whitening procedure uncomfortable. Therefore, keep in mind that you are also visiting for a regular dental check-up when you go to a dental health care facility for teeth whitening.

Customization as per your dental health

We know that everyone’s teeth and mouth size are different. So, if you, as an individual, are giving thought to using a standard tray to whiten your teeth, you may not be able to whiten each one of them entirely. This is the reason why we won’t recommend you go for teeth whitening on your own at home.

On the other hand, the dentist has an array of tools and techniques that are safe and sound. At-home treatments are strongly discouraged, even in the case of someone who has implants, crowns, or dentures. They are only applicable to your natural teeth.

Long-lasting results

As compared to the teeth whitening procedure done at home, professional teeth whitening lasts longer due to the effectiveness and potency of the treatment. You may end up spending thousands of dollars on whitening strips, whitening gel, and stock whitening presses that won’t give you any long-lasting results.

The teeth whitening that is done at home only last a month or two. On the contrary, professional teeth whitening can last up to 6 months or longer, saving you money in the long run.

A brighter, whiter, and more confident smile

Some people may not agree with the need for professional teeth whitening. But in the present era, it is more like excelling in a part of your personality than considering it as a cosmetic dental procedure. It will give your teeth a natural look, which will ultimately boost your confidence when you won’t hesitate to show off your whiter, brighter, and healthy smile.

No tooth sensitivity

Since you are a beginner in teeth whitening at home, you are at a higher risk of causing damage to your enamel that can result in teeth sensitivity. However, with professional teeth whitening, it is taken care of that the active ingredient enters the enamel to break down any discoloration without harming anything. You can rest assured of any teeth sensitivity issues afterwards as the professionals apply a gel after whitening to eliminate this problem.

Choose your teeth colour for whitening

The fact that there are several shades of teeth whitening could surprise you. You may not be aware of this as an individual who is whitening their teeth at home. But with professional teeth whitening, the dentist will compare the shade of your teeth and will lighten them by appropriate one or two shades as required so that it sinks in well with your smile and face.

End notes

Professional teeth whitening add a wow factor to your smile. It also comes to your rescue when you have completed a year or two in braces and want to eliminate that noticeable difference in colour where your braces interfered with everyday teeth cleaning. Apart from that, it is the best choice for your teeth, and all the money spent is worth it. You can get a regular check on your dental health without having to spend extra on it.

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