Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

At Dental Oasis Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing comfortable and stress-free dental care services to you and your family. Don’t let your fear or phobia keep you from enjoying a bright and healthy smile you always wanted. Many people are afraid to go to the dentist and even embarrassed to admit their fears. Even some of the people have never heard about oral sedation dentistry.

We welcome you to visit us and experience the relaxed and stress-free Sedation Dentistry. Millions of people just like you have achieved a bright and beautiful smile in just a very few dental visits.

Sedation Dentistry is also known as “anxiety-free dentistry”. It uses sedatives during dental treatments especially for patients who suffer from anxiety or phobias. Sedation help patient to relieve from fear and pain.

Sedation Dentistry is often considered as a safe effective tool for patients during their dental visits. At Dental Oasis family dentistry, We use safe dental sedatives and ensure that these tools are properly used to relieve the patient from all anxiety or phobia. We do our best to make you feel comfortable, stress-free and enjoy dental health care in a pain-free way.

There are generally four type of Sedation Dentistry,

  1. Oral Conscious Sedation
    Oral Conscious Sedation is a form of minimal sedation. It combines sedatives and pain relievers as a tool to prevent discomfort during routine dental treatments. In this type, the patient is capable to communicate with a dentist and can respond to the questions or feelings.
  2. Nitrous Oxide Sedation
    Nitrous Oxide is also known as “laughing gas”. It is a commonly used and minimal form of sedation. It produces the sense of euphoria and light-headedness and relieves the patient from anxiety or phobia. At the end of dental treatment, dentist administers oxygen to the patient for five to ten minutes, flushing the lungs of any residual gas, causing the effects of the gas to dissipate so the patient can continue about their day normally.
  3. Intravenous (IV) Sedation
    Intravenous (IV) Sedation is commonly known as “sleepy” or “twilight” dentistry. In this form, the dentist enters a dose of sedatives through an IV into the bloodstream directly which make the patient feel the effect quickly. It is used for the patient with a high level of a phobia. Similar to Oral Conscious sedation, a patient can respond during the dental treatment.
  4. General Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia is completely opposed to other sedation forms. It makes patient unconscious during dental treatments by completely putting them to sleep. It is received as an injection or through gas inhalation as per the need of the patient.

Are you afraid to go to the dentist or you become nervous during dental treatment? We are happy to overcome your all dental phobia or anxiety at Dental Oasis Family Dentistry in Pleasanton, California.

We hope we can be of service to you and your family.

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